Slash Your STO Legal Fees

Build your prospectus structure before hiring a lawyer and reduce the billable legal hours. Our goal is to save you at least 10 000€ in legal fees on your tokenisation project.

In partnership with

Industry experts

ProspectusApp is created by and in cooperation with legal professionals.

Simplify and save money

ProspectusApp is an interactive tool for companies to simplify and streamline the prospectus creation process. Our chat feature enables direct communication with your lawyer within the app.

Download the document

Leave questions, comments, and the whole communication to a secure environment. Once you’re ready, you can download the documents for final formatting by your lawyers.

How it works?

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1. Registration & Payment
2. Create Your Project Profile
3. Choose the document type (equity / non-equity)
4. Ready to get help? Invite a lawyer from our marketplace.
5. Once the terms are agreed, grant access for the lawyer to modify the document.
6. Download the prospectus for final formatting.

For Companies Raising Capital

Legal compliance and documentation is one of the first things to get right if you’re going to launch an STO project. While the ProspectusApp does not substitute a good lawyer, it helps to reduce the time and billable hours you need to pay. We’ve built this app according to the new European Prospectus Regulation and the new growth prospectus regime for SMEs.

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