The ProspectusApp is an online tool for Startups and SMEs to draft and prepare their prospectus documents for regulated capital raises under the new growth prospectus regime.

Growth prospectus regime simplifies the requirements of the prospectus document in the European Union under the new Prospectus Regulation (effective from 21.07.2019). Growth prospectus regime applies for companies with market capitalisation under 200m euros.

Companies looking to raise capital: 



Micro companies;

Small – and midsize entreprises (SMEs);

Security Token Offering (STO) projects;

Every company raising capital who needs to draft a quality investment document for the investors.

The ProspectusApp helps to reduce the legal fees (by reducing the billable hours) of preparing a compliant prospectus document. Once you’re done preparing the document, you can invite the lawyer from our marketplace to supplement and adjust the document as necessary.

This depends on each client and the lawyer they’re going to use. It’s likely that there are parts of the document where you need help from the lawyer, meaning, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to finalise the document without any external know-how. However, as you can prepare most of the document using our questions and guidelines, you’ll reduce the billable hours considerably.

We charge 997€ + VAT* for the access of the ProspectusApp. As we expect to save our clients at least 10 000€ on legal fees, we’re selling the product with a price where expected benefit is minimum 10-fold. The pricing is subject to change without any prior notices.

* VAT is not applicable if the client is not located in the European Union. VAT is 0% if we’re invoicing another VAT-registered EU entity. If the client is a consumer, not VAT registered EU company, or an Estonian company, we add 20% VAT to the invoice.

You can pay via Paypal or credit card. Upon request we can also accept Bitcoin. To pay with cryptos, please write to