1. Dashboard

After logging in, you will choose the type of security you’re going to issue. Once you’ve made your choice, you will see three documents: Prospectus registration document, the securities note and the summary document on your dashboard.

2. Starting the work

By clicking on one of the documents (starting with the Registration document) you will see different sections of the prospectus. The next step is to click and choose the section of the document you’re going to work on.

3. Filling in the required fields.

In each section you’ll find questions and guidelines, together with the pre-fill buttons. Not all questions have the pre-fill buttons, as each business is different and the information has to be filled in accordingly. You can also see the second field, which is a field where you can leave questions for the lawyer.

4. Communication / Messaging feature

To communicate with the law firm you can use the messaging system. This feature enables to have quick conversations and updates with the law firm you’ve chosen. You can also message law firms before starting the cooperation.

5. Your profile

Complete your profile before reaching out to law firms. The law firms will see your profile and can introduce themselves to your project before accepting the request.

6. Marketplace

In the marketplace tab you can see all the law firms which have signed up to the platform. You can also make your selection based on the country where you’re doing the issuance. Bear in mind that the guidelines are prepared according to the EU law.

7. Partner request

Once you’ve made your decision you can click “send request”. The law firm will see it and can either accept or decline the cooperation request. All law firms have introductory profile and you can message them before sending the request. You can only send the official request to one law firm at the time. Once the law firm accepts the request, the law firm can also see all the documents you’ve created thus far.